Min: $0 Max: $55

Tree branch lariat

Gold or silver colored tree branch lariat. 16”-18” adjustable opening.


Black dressy statement

Black and rhinestone cluster statement necklace on a brushed gold chain. Measures 16" on a 2" extender.


Rhinestone circle bracelet

Rhinestone gold or silver circular disc stretch bracelet. 2.25 inches in diameter.


Gold and silver trim rhinstones

Gold and silver trim rhinestone bracelet on a stretchy cord. 2.5” in diameter.


Leather wrapped rock necklace

Adjustable sparkly leather string necklaces with wrapped raw cut rocks and bottom fringe. Can be worn at multiple lengths with adjustable pull tab at top. Choose between grey or gold/peach.


Twisted rope gold cuff

Multi-strand gold twisted rope cuff. Slightly adjustable to the wrist.


Antiqued jewel statement

Jewel tone dressy glass drop statement necklace with 6 oval champagne colored jewels separated by multi-colored branch like pieces on 2 different antiqued gold chains. NEcklace measures 18 inches with additional, optional 2 inch extender.


Hammered teardrop stone bracelet

Brushed and hammered gold colored bangle with two teardrop translucent stones. Spring back allows for easy opening. Available in natural/beige, dark grey or navy blue.


Gold rock bangle

Gold colored hearty rock bangle. Slightly adjustable to fit.


Mini darkside rhinestone bracelet

Circular rhinestone bracelet backed by dark silver squares on a stretchy cord. 1cm. wide.


Allover rhinestone bracelet

Varying sized rhinestones on a stretch style bangle. Measures 2cm wide.


Glass beaded tassel necklace

Translucent grey glass beaded long necklace with 2.5 inch brown suede hanging tassel. Measures 18 inches in length with optional 2 inch extender.


Antiqued collar statement

Choose between 2: Black enamel teardrop stone with rust and grey stone trim and single pearl or ivory teardrop with dressy clear glass trim. Collar style. Statement wraps around entirely. 17 inch length with 2 inch extender.


Beaded rock fringe necklace

Available in 2 colors: Translucent grey beaded long necklace with grey rock and gold chain fringe or white and natural beaded necklace with orange-like peach stone. Necklaces measures 21 inches in length with optional 2 inch extender. Fringe measures 4 in


Wood beaded Buddha

Long marbled wood beaded necklace with gold separaters every other bead. Antiqued gold Buddha head with attached black thread tassel. Necklace measures 20 inches in length.


Sterling silver or GP embellished star

Sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver small circular rhinestone embellished trim star pendant with 16 or 18 inch length options. Pendant measures 1 cm in diameter.


Sterling or GP rhinestone cluster Y necklace

Gold plated or sterling silver long dainty Y style necklace with oblong rhinestone cluster with single drop chain with 2 tiny rhinestones at the bottom. Measures 14 inches in length.


Sterling or GP rhinestone drop Y necklace

Gold plated or sterling silver long dainty Y style necklace. Measures 15-16 inches in length and has 10 vertical rhinestones with larger single drop stone at the bottom.

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