Gifting 101

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Gifting 101

Somehow, it's already the holiday season. CRAZY, we know! If you're anything like us, you have holiday party after holiday party and as it is, you can barely balance your own priorities.. Surprise! You need 6 different gifts under $25.

Here, we've taken the work out of gifting for you. Browse through our suggestions to make the process less painful. Trust us, you do NOT want to be empty handed when someone you least expect gives you something.


1.)  Sterling Silver & Gold Plated Jewelry

WHY: Sterling doesn't tarnish, making it slightly more expensive and thoughtful.


2.) Hats, Gloves & Scarves

WHY: Everyone needs them and can never have too many. The more the merrier!


3.) Mantra Bracelets

WHY: Mantra bracelets are silver or gold tone simple bracelets with a variety of slogans. Some being inspirational such as, "SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD," while others simply say "LOVE." These can be worn by themselves or more popularly stacked with your own collection.


4.) Oversized Sweaters

WHY: For the people you know you can buy clothing for, an oversized sweater doesn't need to fit perfectly. In fact, in most cases these boxy knits can be worn as if they are one size fits all.


5.) Layered Necklaces

WHY: Layering up on necklaces is one of the most popular jewelry trends of the year. Most of our necklaces have an option of being worn at 16 inches or 18 inches making them easy to stack with other necklaces already in your jewelry box.


6.) An all time B&L favorite: Our 3 for $30, $12 earrings

WHY: These earrings include our silver and gold tone drop earrings, as well as the majority of our stud earrings. With this year-round promo each pair of earrings come out to being $10 a piece. This is the perfect gift to have handy for when someone you least expect gives you a gift.


7.) Gift Cards

WHY: Contrary to popular belief, B&L lovers PREFER gift cards! Why give them something they may like, when they can choose something they love?!



We will even wrap for you! Be sure to select "Holiday Gift Wrap," at checkout.






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