The Practicality of Hats

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The Practicality of Hats

Baseball Hats. Berets. Brimmed Hats. Knit Hats. Fedoras. Pom-Poms.


Okay, sure. You wake up and have time to hop in the shower and blow-dry your hair. In this case, a hat is the last thing you'd add to your outfit. However, for the majority of us life doesn't work like this. The kids are nagging, they have to be dropped at school, you have a work deadline, and somewhere in between you have to go to the grocery store, and cook dinner. It's a hat day!


Running to the grocery store? Nothing compliments your leggings better than a baseball hat. We don't necessarily mean a college alum hat, or a Patriots hat. Keep it fashionable! Throw on one of our plain vegan leather or suede baseball hats. Not only are you comfy, but you're cute too! Even your husband says, "Honey, I like your look today." DONE!


Can't get away with a baseball hat at work? Try a fedora or a wool brimmed boater hat. These hats are fashionable, easy to wear and again, a savior! With a jean (or pant), an oversized sweater, and a bootie- you're ready to conquer the day!


Knit seasonal hats. Thank you to the first people who threw on a knit fur pom-pom hat and decided, "I'm cold, my hair is dirty and this hat is part of my outfit. I'm NOT taking it off today!" Amen and thank you. Perhaps our fur and classic pom-pom hats aren't your thing. Well, the runway says berets are back, and in the top 10 hottest trends of the season! We couldn't agree more, giving you a plethora to choose from. Accessorize your business look- pair your black pants, blouse, and pumps with your favorite beret.


Hats & Dry Shampoo, we are forever grateful!

Fashionably Yours,



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