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Pearl Ended Ring

Goldtone open ended ring with one small and one medium sized pearl on ends. Open shape makes it easy to adjust.


Round Rhinstone Bracelet

Goldtone thin chain bracelet lined with round shaped rhinstones with adjustable pull strings.


Square Rhinstone Bracelet

Goldtone thin chain bracelet lined with square shaped rhinstones with adjustable pull strings.


Oval Interlocking Dangles

Goldtone oval shaped interlocking dangle earrings with hook back. Extremely lightweight. Measures 7cm long and 4.5 cm wide.


Golden Cactus Ring

Gold-tone cactus ring. Composed of mixed metals, (nickel and lead free). Size 6


Hammered gold bangles

Hammered gold colored bangles. Set of 6.


Coin & Rock Layered Necklace

Long beaded and layered necklace with crystalized rock pendant and goldtone coin. Measures 17 inches in length with optional 3 inch extender.


Layered Cresent Necklace

Matte goldtone multi-layered necklace with coins, multi-colored beading and drop crescent. Necklace measures 11.5 inches in length with optional 3 inch extender.


Long gold fringed earrings

6in. long fringed gold colored earrings.


Gold fringe earrings

Gold fringed earrings with small white bead detail and post back.


Beaded gold circle bracelet

Blush beaded circular disk stretch bracelet with taupe center and rhinestone. 2.25 inches in diameter.


Gold teardrop earring

Gold teardrop earrilng with laser cut detail.


Dainty gold rhinestone detail bracelet

Dainty gold dressy bracelet with rhinestone cluster charm and pull chain for adjustable size.


Silver tone compass necklace

Silver tone costume short compass necklace. 16 inches in length with an optional 2 inch extender.


Fluid strand bracelet

Gold tone loose multi-strand bracelet with clasp.


Massachusetts goldtone necklace

Gold colored Massachusetts state short necklace with brushed pendant. Measures 16 inches in length.


Black clover thread earrings

Gold colored thread style dangle earring with clover outline and lacey black center. Extremely lightweight.


Blush teardrop pendant

Flat, teardrop shaped faux blush colored pearl pendant on a short, thin, golden chain, measuring 16 inches in length.

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