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Rope and stone statement

Oversized rope necklace with natural stone pendants. Has tie closure in back.


Natural thread ball necklace

Lightweight, thread wrapped ball trend necklace with gold colored closure and conjoining links. Necklace measures 18 inches in length and an additional 3 inch extender.


Adjustable marbled statement

Shades of marbled white teardrops on an antiqued gold adjustable, drawstring chain, allowing to wear necklace at any length! The perfect statement between a vinatge and modern day feel.


Blue beaded statement

Pale blue iridescent beaded statement necklace. Very lightweight


Blush beaded statement

Pale, blushy pink iridescent beaded statement necklace. Very lightweight


Black fringe trend necklace

Long trend necklace with thin gold tone chain and black threaded fringe statement. Optional 2 inch extender.


Grey beaded multi way wrap necklace

Irredescent grey and champagne colored beaded necklace with rectangular stones and charcoal leather fringe ends. May be worn multiple ways, open, as a choker, or even like a scarf!


Long beaded tassel necklace

Black beaded tassel necklace on a long thin gold chain. Measures 21 inches in length with an additional 4 inch extender.


Black suede and stone wrap necklace

Black suede wrap (optional choker) necklace with smaller white and tan colored stone details and larger forest green botton stones. Can be worn as a choker tied in the back or front or as a bracelet. 60” long.


Embellished wrap necklace

Gold colored wrap style necklace with rhinestone embellishments and chain bottom fringe. May be worn as a long necklace, a wrap style necklace or as a choker.


Natural colored beaded choker

Gold, brown, beige and white natural color beaded choker necklace with single rectangular center stone. Measures 11 inches in length with a 3 inch extender.


Charcoal colllar statement

Charcoal beaded web statement collar necklace. Also available in blush.


Mini sparkling flower statement

Antique silver mini sparkling flower rhinestone statement necklace. Measures 12 inches with an optional 3 inch extender.


Rhinetsone web statement necklace

Oversized rhinestone web statement necklace with triple silver chain.


Beaded bib statement

Pewter beaded bib statement necklace.


Antique rhinestone statement

Antique gold three layer chain statement necklace with three rhinestone cluster pendant details.


Plunging statement necklace

Antique gold rhinestone cluster pendant plunging statement necklace. Measures 19” with an optional 2” extender.


Small statement

Smaller sized statement necklace on a heavy antique dirty gold chain with blush and navy rhinestone pendant details. Measures 20” with an optional 2” extender.

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