Min: $0 Max: $55

Sterling silver disc

Sterling silver disc pendant on a 15” sterling silver chain with an inch extender.


Gold triangle pendant

Gold plated triangle pendant. 17.5" long with a 1" extender.


Sterling and gold hamsa pendant

Dark sterilng silver and rhinestone hamsa with gold plated trim and chain. 15" or 16" optional chain.


Gold evil eye necklace

Gold plated rhinestone evil eye necklace. 15" long with a 1.5 inch extender.


Sterling tree pendant

Sterling silver round tree pendant. 15” or 16” adjustable chain.


Sterling silver rhinestone flat disk

Sterling silver rhinstone encrusted flat disk studs. 1cm in diameter. Standard post back.


Sterling and rhinestone knot studs

Sterling silver and rhinestone knot studs. 8mm in diameter.


Teardrop sterling and stone dangle

Sterling silver drop earring with clear glass stone. Stone measures .5” in tall.


Sterling rhinestone petal clusters

Sterling silver rhinestone petal studs. 1cm in diameter.


Gunmetal sterling rhinestone huggies

Gunmetal sterling silver rhinestone stud earrings with removable rhinestone cuff that hugs under the ear. May be worn as simple stud post earrings.


Sterling silver or GP embellished star

Sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver small circular rhinestone embellished trim star pendant with 16 or 18 inch length options. Pendant measures 1 cm in diameter.


Sterling or GP rhinestone cluster Y necklace

Gold plated or sterling silver long dainty Y style necklace with oblong rhinestone cluster with single drop chain with 2 tiny rhinestones at the bottom. Measures 14 inches in length.


Sterling or GP rhinestone drop Y necklace

Gold plated or sterling silver long dainty Y style necklace. Measures 15-16 inches in length and has 10 vertical rhinestones with larger single drop stone at the bottom.


Gold plated horseshoe necklace

Gold plated heavy horseshoe textured pendant on a 15” chain with a 1” extender. Horseshoe measures 1cm in width.


Sterling vertical rhinstone necklace

Sterling silver verical rhinestone stud pendant on a 16” chain with a 2” extender.


Sterling or gold mini leaf

Sterling or gold plated mini leaf necklace. Measures 15” with a 2” extender.


Sterling bar and ring lariat

Sterling silver o-ring lariat with hanging verical bar. 18” with a 1”bar.


Gold plated mini link necklace

Gold plated mini link necklace on a 15” chain with a 3” extender.

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